‘Invention Validation’ is About Deciding if it is worth making expense to file a patent.

Not every idea (invention or innovation or product or process or anything under the sun) is patentable. Thus, it is always recommended to have a technical expert under the supervision of an attorney to prepare an ‘Invention Validation Report’ to determine, if it’s worth filing a patent application.
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What is an ‘Invention Validation’ Report?

An ‘Invention Validation’ is an informative report prepared in MS-Excel or Adobe PDF delivered to assist you in determining if an invention for which an application for patent is intended would be considered novel and patentable or not. The report is prepared by technology experts under supervision of patent attorneys who has vast experience in assisting innovators in patent life-cycle.

An ‘Invention Validation’, also known as patentability or a novelty search is used to figure out if an invention is new and original if considered against published prior inventions of similar nature. Such a search is recommended before filing a patent application and can assist in making sure an application for patent won't be rejected. Moreover, such a search can not only assist in saving cost but also lead to improvisation of invention.

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We recommend ‘Invention Validation’ Search

Yes, you must conduct ‘Invention Validation’ Search report.

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Our experts shall perform a holistic search to identify prior publications disclosing similar inventions. Also, we would perform extremely exhausting keyword search to identify significant yet less valued publication which most inventors tend to ignore.

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We highly recommend ‘Invention Validation’ Search report to ensure that you don’t waste money on filing patent applications which would not result in registration or grant. Patent Application preparation and filing is a costly affair. Our vigilant and experienced team can assist in save cost, at the right time. Contact us now to know more.

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