Thinking to file a patent application? Read this NOW.

If you are thinking to file a patent application, please be adhere to following guideline:
  • determine if someone already has similar invention or patent
  • Prepare a world class patent application with claims and drawings
  • File patent application in country of your origin first and then in other countries.


Determine if at all you should file an application

Patent application preparation and filing is a costly affair. Moreover, not every invention is novel and patentable. A recommended strategy is to get a Novelty Assessment done and determine if at all an application should be filed or not? Our Novelty Assessment reports not only list already existing patents with similar technology like that of yours but advice on what further course to take to secure a patent.


Draft a world class ready to file patent application

Once an invention has passed the novelty assessment check, it is time to draft a world class patent application which would be acceptable standards of various patent offices across the globe. Our patent application drafting expertswork in coordination with various country specific attorneys to prepare a draft which would stand strongly during examination with various countries of your interest.


Engage our network of country specific attorneys to file patent application

Once a patent specification has been drafted, it is time to submit the first application with patent office in country of your origin. Our local country specific patent attorney would assist you in submitting the first patent application and would guide through rest of process until grant or registration of patent. Indeed, we would keep you updated with timely reminders.

At GetMyFirstPatent (GMFP), we assist business owners to formalize cost effective strategy in securing trademarks. Contact us today, to determine how we could assist you.

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Idea (invention) Validation - Patent Writing - Patent Filing
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Idea (invention) Validation
  • Is your Idea novel /patentable?

  • Request a Patent Novelty Assessment

  • Determine if it is worth filing a patent

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Patent Writing
  • Will your write-up meet standards of Patent Offices?

  • Request a Quality Patent Write by experts

  • A good patent draft will save future expenses

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  • Which country should you file a patent?

  • Don’t file patent in any country

  • Request Quotes for Patent Filing in different countries

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