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Strategies to reduced cost/expenses in patent filings

Claims – this is all what matters

Thinking to file an application for patents? Think twice, it is a costly affair. Once ready and determined, ensure that the patent application is clearly and vividly written to cover all aspects of your intended invention. The patent application must have clear and precisely worded ‘claims’.

Most applications are poorly ‘claimed’. Once filed, even the best of the patent attorneys would fail to get you a patent application if the claims are absurdly written with no or little room for changes during the course of patent examination process.

Drawings – Core of patent specification

How do you explain your invention to patent examiners? With help of clear and well-drawn drawings such that each drawing is clearly supporting ‘claims’ of the patent application. Every drawing should be cleared drawn in black and white pencil format and must be mentioned in the patent specification with clear explanation.

Just inserting drawings or photographs of a prototype is a very bad idea and may result in enormous amount of unnecessary cost. Most patent offices across globe refuse to accept colourful photographs and/or colourful drawings. Thus, hire a professional draftsman or designer and get quality drawings added to your specification (patent draft).

Limit the number of claims and pages

An ideal patent specification should not have more than 30 pages and 15 claims. Many patent offices levy additional fee for bulky patent applications with pages. For example, every claim beyond 15 cost couple of hundred dollars. Countries like Japan and Russian, charge extra additional fee for examining claims beyond a certain number.

Many countries demand a separate request for examination be made after filing patent application. The fee for such a request is dependent on number of claims. Attorneys need to spend more time to handle additional claims and this additional ‘attorney hour’ expenses.

Manage translation cost

Thinking to file patent application in Japan and in China? You would need translation of patent application in Japanese and Chinese. Translation costs are directly propositional to number of pages in the specification (patent application).

Sometime, translations consume most of the budget for patent application filings. So keep the number of pages in check.

GetMyFirstPatent can assist you in writing quality patent specification limiting number of pages and claims to optimum. Also, each specification prepared is embedded with high quality patent drawings.

Thinking to write a patent application, get in touch today.

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